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I'm sorry to hear you had those issues, I've never used the partion table recovery since I use patition magic for anything like that so I've never tried sys mech's version.

I agree about the current version of the analyzer but if they can work my advice into it then it will be worthwhile since it will actively monitor your security and performance and for someone like me that has their system up 24/7 folding, knowing of my system is out of physical ram is really helpful.

I kind of feel that it was rushed or just not really well thought out since they included cached internet files in the clutter reporting tool because, really, there will always be internet files cached on your drive and as I pointed out if you keep ripping out your caches files you're going to be fighting with way slower browsing which for dialup users is a bad thing.

Anyways, I'm hopeful that iolo will get things squared away, I loved 5 with a passion, I never used 4 but I did use 3 and it was pretty good although I was running 98SE so I have no ideas as to how well it worked with XP.

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