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A 10?!

Did AC throw their new advanced wallet cushining device in with the cooler?

I kid ...but seriously...there are some cons that i have with the cooler.

For starters, the thermal compound and thermal adhesive foam on that cooler are a complete joke. The thermal compound is MARGINALLY better then a TIM pad. It would wipe that stuff off and throw some AS5 on there right off the bat. Without even thinking about it. That particular compound loves to get air bubles in it from teh factory. And i would rather not risk my $400 GPU to that (provided i ahd a $400 GPU...yes im broke). And the thermal adhesive is more of a blanket, then a thermal transfer media. I would pull it off and replace it with an aftermarket thermal adhesive tape that i had a little more faith in. Ive also had problem with removing the cooler with that thermal adhesive material. It has a tendency to seperate, and become a real pain in teh ass to remove from the ram chips.

Also, i find the cooler to be a little loud. I guess my definition of quiet and someone elses are different, and of course everyones individual milage will vary depending on what they consider tolerable in their own environment...but i did not like the wooshing air sound coming from the back of the PC case. It was at a different pitch then the other fans in the system, and i found it to be a bit distracting.

And that also brings up another negative. It takes up an adjacent PCI slot. Not a problem if youve got a mid tower and an expansion card or two. But what about the SFF and mATX guys that may not have that luxury of an extra slot to afford? Or in the cases of most SFF's where the card placment is reversed, and the PCI card backs the PCIe slot, rhater then face it. Well, then youve got to look elsewhere. And the options are preaty slim in that case.

Granted, the cooler works well. And it does provide a somewhat better alternative then stock cooling. Is it the best? I dont think so. Is it good enough for you the general user who wants somthing "better"? Sure it is. Would i use it? No. It just doesnt do what i want it to, with the materials i prefer, and in the space i require it to do it in.

And for all that...
Had i been doing the review, i would have had a hard time deciding between 7.5 or 8 out of 10. Becuase for being a good product...its design isnt really revolutionary, and the materials used are nothing spectacular. Which really makes it nothing but your typical oversized GPU cooler. And whats so perfect about that?

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