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Originally Posted by Jakal
I put that together for less than $800. He had given me estimates from Dell and a few local pc shops and I literally laughed at the quotes. I beat them all out by at least $200.
It's amazing how just a few hours of research can save you hundreds of dollars off of a new system.
Yeah that's what I tell everyone considering a new PC...especially when I hear someone considering an "enthusiast" gaming PC that has an Intel processor... They end up paying up, and miss out on the AMD euphoria that would have followed had they spent some time researching, price shopping, and building. Saves many hundreds of dollars..
I sometimes analogyze this with pure jasmine tea and the 'ordinary' jasmine tea. The pure tea has nothing but jasmine flower buds while the ordinary one is a mix of generic green tea leaves with enough jasmine flower to cover it up. The ordinary one actually tastes really good, but once you've had the pure goodness, the difference is readily apparent. If you know where to get them, the price is just a tad bit higher for the pure one, but there is indeed a greater bang for the buck!
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