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Originally Posted by madmat
It's no further apart than the ASUS SLI mobo and they have the SLI widget that connects the cards for it.

As to the SLI bridge on the board itself it's quite possible it's done in the bios now since there was talk about implementing mobo's without a physical bridge.
From here...

LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert exclusive features
  • AMD socket939 Athlon FX55+ & Athlon X2 CPU supported
  • Software control SLI switch
  • Karajan Audio(Theater like7.1/8ch Audio)
  • Dual Gigabit LAN
  • Magnetic-levitate fan on chipset heatsink
  • 4 x Serial ATA-2(3Gb/s)
  • 100% Japanese Capacitors/ 4 phase PWM
  • UV sensitive slots
  • EZ-on / EZ-touch onboard switch button
  • Silicon image3114~RAID5 ready
  • nVIDIA nTune(embedded overclocking solution)
  • nVIDIA ActiveArmor
    (Embedded hardware firewall & network solution)
  • CMOS reloaded®
  • All New Genie BIOS for extreme overclocking!

As for the SLI bridge. I imagine they will just ship a custom one with the motherboard. Other companies have done so, why not DFI?

I also think they switched the boards layout around in direct responce to some fitment issues that alot of people had in cases. Especially aluminum ones with cross braces that where running a large aftermarket HSF.

Id be curious to see how this board stacks up. Im sure the performance will be great...provided it doesnt have "issues".

I really like DFI, and they have come along way in a short time. But they still cant come close to holding a candle to the quality and realiability of Asus or Abit. And i HOPE they can turn that around with this board.

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