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I don't use Startup Guard on my PC, personally I don't like having a bunch of things running in the background and, actually, I shut down the tray alerter upon PC boot. If it was possible to disable it altogether I would.

I prefer to use Sys Mech as an optimizer for such things as registry defragmentation and compacting, network optimizing and spyware checking. I don't like having a lot of fluff running in the background and actually if it wasn't for asshats that get their jolies by writing viruses and hacking into peoples PC's I wouldn't run A/V or firewall software but unfortunately they are neccessary evils in this day and age.

If you want to control your startup programs do it manually by monitoring the startup folder and going to start/run and typing in "msconfig" and choosing the startup tab to see what's set to start in there....remember that if you uncheck anything you'll be greeted by a warning stating that you've chosen to do a customized startup, simply checking the "don't show me this again" box and clicking on ok will stop that warning in the future.

You can also go into admin. services and kill startup services but I would seriously do some research before doing that since stopping the wrong service can hose your box.

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