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I honestly wish I had an answer for you but I've never had any experience with that particular chipset but after looking into it a bit I think you'd see far better performance from even the lowly FX5200.

The ram itself should be fine with that particular chipset and since it's a full 2 gigs you'll be able to allocate a full 224mb to the graphics without worrying about the loss to system memory and if you're not going to be doing any overclocking you can even tighten the ram timings to 2.5-3-3-6 at 200fsb with zero errors which will allow it to pick up even more bandwidth for improved performance.

My advice though is that after you setup the new system is to save up your limited funds to get as good of a discrete graphics card as you can realisitically afford since any games that are graphically challenging are going to require you to use low detail settings and either 640x480 or maybe 800x600dpi resolutions to be able to get decent framerates.

As to your choice in chipsets, personally I think that the board you've chosen presents the best chipset since it affords dual channel memory, AGP and PCIE support and some overclocking.

I hope you find this helpful and good luck with your new budget gaming rig.

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