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Thumbs down Logitech controller DOESN'T work with GTA5 Prologue

I just bought this controller to save $10 over a Sony controller....

So I have the Sony controller that comes with the system, GTA5Prologue, and the Logitech controller.

Both factory and aftermarket controllers work perfectly fine during all the menu and settings selection screens....pick races and whatnot...

But once the race starts.......3.....2....1.......Go!

You have no control over the vehicle whatsoever.

No steering, no gas, brake, etc.

The ONLY buttons that work are START to pause it....and the PS button for the system screen.

I have tried making this controller 1.......or controller 2.

I have tried putting the USB dongle in different slots...

No dice either way.

It just doesn't work at all during the game for some reason.....I'm taking it back to Target and getting the Sony controller.
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