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Originally Posted by Buck-O
I will say this about that.

if you ahte the will hate the G5.

The scroll wheel is harder to middle click on the G5 becuase it wants to "slip" to the side thanks to the side scroll. It takes a few days to get used to it unfortunately.

So beings that the middle mouse/scroll click was your biggest pet peve, stay away from teh G5.

Unfortuantely, the mouse you describe, i think its made of unobtanium.

And, off the top of my head, i cant think of any gaming mice that are worth beans that come close to teh features you want/need as a gamer. But ill be thinking.
I decided to pick up the G5 anyway since the lack of weight to the Copperhead was really beginning to frustrate me. With a mouse that light and sensitive, the 'mouse cord drag' becomes quite noticable, as well as the tiny amout of directional force applied by clicking buttons. A maxed out G5 does not suffer from these problems.

I have to say, it is superior to the Copperhead in every way I care about. While the middle button is still a bit inaccurate, the fact that the scroll tilt effectively adds 2 very good buttons more than makes up for it. (After one day of use, I seem to left scroll + middle click about 15-20% of the time when trying to middle click under no pressure, and much more often when mousing frantically.)

I will post my full thoughts on these two mice in a day or two. But my initital take is similar to yours: The G5 is a nice step forward from the 510, and is undeniably superior to the Copperhead. While Logitech did make some mistakes, they are definatley moving in the right direction and I have a lot of hope for their next gaming mouse.
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