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I had some bad experiences with virtual drives, although admittedly it was a rather long time ago now. I don't even remember what program it was but it completely mucked up my real CD-ROM drivers so that the OS didn't recognize the real optical drive.

I've not run into that issue as of late, but it left a lingering negative view of mounting virtual drives with me.

Particularly the DRM... Now that I have a GPU that lets me play Crysis on Very High @ 1920x1200 I've been playing it... but I certainly do NOT enjoy having to insert the disc every time I play. OR that the disc requires the drive to spool for about half a minute to a minute before it can even read the disc! EA's idea of copy protection was to make their Crysis discs extremely hard to read and if I was prone to violence I'd like to meet the guy that thought that idea up. Who in their right mind would design a disc that is hard to read, like that is even going to stop a single person from pirating it.

Edit: I had completely forgotten, but after posting this I recalled my experiences with Prey. I forget what copy-protection it used to verify the disc is genuine but it's similar to the one in Crysis that requires the disc be inserted so it can verfiy it's authenticity. Anyway, I hopped onto the SATA DVD burner bandwagon early and also bought Prey second hand, so it was pretty old already.

Just like Windows XP pre-SP1, I came to find out Prey didn't work at all with my SATA optical drive. I had to contact their support, download their tool to scan the optical drive and generate a hardware profile, then send it back to them before they could send me a modified exe file that would let me launch the game without it failing the disc check process. It would only successfully launch 1 out of 10 attempts, but the disc itself was fine.
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