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Heh, I've seen that before, but the note about the CoolerMaster box in the background is new.

The loss of airflow wouldn't have been enough to cause this. If anything, you should notice they used TWO 80mm fans... most PSUs don't. That PSU had a higher amount of airflow than most units. And cooler air too, because it wasn't sucking in the heated air you get inside a closed PC case.

The video isn't surprising, because that is prefectly normal. You should see [H]'s review of power supplies they bought off the shelf from Best Buy and some other bigbox store... the BB units also blew up because they were not real 400W (or whatever rating they had on the box)... they weren't built to provde more than 200W without bowing voltage regs and were mostly cheaped out on.

I know a friend of of the family that kept buying PowMax units off Newegg because they kept putting them on $15 specials or some silly low amount. He was happy to use them every 4-6 months and buy a new one when it blew up or died on his K7 systems. Third or fourth time one of those units blew up, it cooked his system with it.

I've never had a unit die on me, but I did accidentially short-circuit an Antec unit before... was disconnecting cables troubleshooting something and one of the molex connectors fell just right so the +12 line was touching the ground prong on my CD Burner. I was hurrying and failed to notice... powered it up and got a nice light show. Cracked the main caps on the PSU but it still kinda works, (I use it just to leak test). Amazingly the CD Burner worked fine, although the tray motor never sounded quite the same...
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