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The only time I've had first hand experience with problems as a result of a PSU blowout was from a second hand experiance (friend blew it out). The only thing needing to be replaced was the PSU.

Dumb butt was bored one day and decided to test what the switch on the back of the PSU was for.

This PSU was so "budget" that I cannot even remember the name, but AFAIK, it would have lasted indefinitely with the rest of the rig.

Video: If you know how to load up a competitors PSU and then can make a vid showing your superiority, do it. If your competitor has released a series of PSU's that cant do what they claim, show people.

You are watching a corsair video about corsair supperiority. Im not detracting from the fact that their competitors PSU sucked. But what did you expect corsairs website to say about their competitor? "Buy them now" ?

Corsair: The argument at the end about 6 brand x's being 3 times as much as a single "budget" psu is also kinda interesting. That kinda means that their 450w PSU is TWICE that of a budget brand. I think "budget" implies that it costs less Corsair. Thats what budget means for these kinds of things.

The corsair PSU being twice as much also means that I can buy a "budget" PSU and if it does flake out, I can still go purchase a slightly more expensive "budget" PSU and still have only slightly paid more than your PSU that is twice as much to begin with. Yes it is a gamble. And if I win, I wont have to pay twice as much.

And I believe the term in a burnout scenario is "Warranty"

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