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Originally Posted by Rory Buszka View Post
However, after about the seventh or eighth time I powered up the system, there was a loud pop and the smell of acrid smoke, and the PSU was toast. I discovered it had taken the motherboard's south bridge with it, as the system would turn on and POST, but refuse to see a hard drive. Etasis replaced the power supply after a while of trying to get in touch, but the review of that motherboard never happened. Sorry, ASUS.
That's definitely a unique situation, I think. It's sad for the board, but I guess it's a lot better that the SB be taken than the hard drive. Of course, given HDD prices nowadays, it's hard to say for sure, haha. It does go to show that even quality PSUs can arrive with faults.

Originally Posted by madstork91 View Post
You are watching a corsair video about corsair supperiority. Im not detracting from the fact that their competitors PSU sucked. But what did you expect corsairs website to say about their competitor? "Buy them now" ?
If their PSUs are rock-stable, then what's a video going to prove? If it keeps on truckin', it's going to be some boring video. Plus, they leave it to the professionals to do that, and every quality PSU review I've seen of Corsair's PSUs have put them in a favorable light. We have their 1KW in our rig because after doing research, it seemed like a good choice. Our resident PSU guru Matt also backed me up on that decision.

Originally Posted by madstork91 View Post
The corsair PSU being twice as much also means that I can buy a "budget" PSU and if it does flake out, I can still go purchase a slightly more expensive "budget" PSU and still have only slightly paid more than your PSU that is twice as much to begin with. Yes it is a gamble. And if I win, I wont have to pay twice as much.
Try using that logic when the cheapo PSU fails and takes your machine with it. Every "cheap" PSU I've used in the past died on me, and I was lucky that none of them killed the PC along with it. It was the last time I had that happen that I clued in to what kind of difference a quality PSU can offer.

I'm a strong believer that the investment is going to pay off in the long-run, especially since we are dealing with expensive components.
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