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Welcome to the forums Shadow, and thanks for the comments!

As far as I can tell, the 502i is identical to the 602i, just without the bass booster. It's sad that the MSRP is $60 more for the 602i if that's the only difference! Usually stores sell for less than their MSRP though, so if you could get the 502i for between $30 or $40, then that would be worth it.

I understand where you can coming from with the Premium 350, because I had the same problem, especially as time went on. One thing I found about the 602i is that your head would get quite warm after a while, making it uncomfortable once again.

My personal favorite right now is the IceMat Siberia, because they are the most comfortable of those three. The only downside is that the Mic is clippable instead of built into the headset, but that may be a good thing to some people, but I personally find it to be a pain.

To me, it comes between the IceMat and Altecs. If you can find either or in the store, you would be good to pick one up.
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