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Originally Posted by Naish View Post
Won't be up my way for a few years.
You don't get Rogers there either? 1.5Mbit/s is hard to stomach... when I first had Aliant DSL in 1999, I had 3Mbit/s speeds... so how on earth are certain plans even lower? The kicker? Back then, we paid $40 a month... and that's when it was new! Nowadays you pay a lot more, when we should really be getting a lot more and paying a lot less.

Originally Posted by Kougar View Post
It's not any excuse, but on the flipside many European countries don't get nearly anything as good, and their bandwidth caps are utterly absurd. I think it was 5GB caps in Belgium for ~60 euro lines? JMke at Madshrimps posted the info but I don't recall specific numbers now.
That's true. Even my bandwidth limit, at 95GB, is highly limiting, and I hate it. Have a good friend in AUS though, and he gets 10GB per month on peak times, and 24GB off-peak, although I'm not sure of the cost. It's even worse in some other countries, like Belgium... truly nuts.

Originally Posted by slugbug View Post
Here in Montreal, 24mbps ADSL2 has been available only in a very small area of the downtown core for the last three years. In all this time Bell Canada has made no attempt to widen the coverage area. The rest of the coverage area gets standard DSL with a maximum 7mbps download speed.
I've never even heard of ADSL2. I wonder why the limits were so limited years ago, but suddenly they've broke through some barrier? It's still going through the phone lines... phone lines which I was originally told had a top-limit of 3Mbit/s. Of course it was probably the guy who installed the line that told me that.
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