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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Linpack was and still is an Intel creation, although the free version they allow people to use in their own applications (IntelBurnTest, OCCT) isn't as robust. It doesn't currently work properly on i7, for example. I am really, really hoping that an updated version comes out sooner than later. I'm forced to use the old-school Prime95 test (inside of OCCT) for i7 in the interim.

As for that quote... wrong website ;-)

Nate's a good friend though, so kudos regardless!
Oh, snap. I definitely thought that said Techgage. Wow, sorry, lol.

Really? Huh, well, I guess that makes sense, different architecture and all, but you'd think a CPU was a CPU. Ah....we get the striped down version. Makes sense. I heard Thermalright issuing a statement that people shouldn't use FurMark to test their GPU stability because it makes the cards too hot. Maybe Intel is worried of the same!

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