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Exclamation read fine print

the guy at KMART pointed out that this unit supported my iPod Nano. yet, when i checked the inventory and finally figured out which tray adapter suited my iPod (two are labled #3 and the other three are not labled), the tray adapter was simply the wrong one. there is only one tray adapter that suits my Nano's USB cable. the others are far too wide in their ports. the only that best fits my cable is too wide also. none of them are narrow enough in their ports while being large enough within to fit the cable head.
the phones jack won't fit while the charging adapter is plugged in. and vice versa.
it seems that my particular 4th Gen silver Nano is sized differently than any other in the world.
nawwww, couldn't be.
i'm taking it back for refund ASAP. the cradle is wrong, or else i am. if i can be proven wrong by KMART, i'll consider keeping it despite its poor performance reviews.
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