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I have this board now. I had a kit of PDP Patriot DDR600 running on it for a week or two, but heh, wouldn't boot beyond the 250FSB with the divider ratio of 1:1 and relaxed timings. Then the sticks became unresponsive. Now I have my 1GB backup ValueRam from I forgot where running fine at the default speed of 200FSB 3-5-5-8 T1....I am having the feeling that the PDP were actually bad, as they didn't work well on my last eVGA mobo as well, and on that one no matter what FSB, didn't go too high without errors with that MemTest. So sad, but soon a pair of Corsair DDR400 CMX512-3200XL as replacements...and perhaps they will do better. And this might be the last upgrade before the AM2 socket CPUs and mobos and DDR2 are available for AMD.......provided that they are any good!
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