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Originally Posted by Doomsday View Post
same here...but u be in Canada so isn't the weather really cold?! one of my cousin works in Canada and he says the Temps go low as -15C...though he works in some oil digging company...might be way up north....

No, we don't all live in Igloos in Canada. You have to go pretty far north this time of year to see any cold weather. Where I am is in southern Ontario. I would say my relative position is about the same latitude as Detroit, Michigan. We have a normal hot summer and cold winter.

My ambient temps are rock solid due to the fact my house has a gigantic basement and I have it finished for living space. The concrete foundation is quite thick and it acts like a geothermal heat pump keeping the temperatures in my basement between 65F and 70F year round and normally it is spot on 68F.
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