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When I was in Taiwan a few months ago, I was sitting at a cafe (85c) with a friend, and since I had my laptop with me, I decided to crack it open and show him a few pictures. Little did I realize, I forgot to copy my photos to the laptop before leaving home. Luckily, there was an open WiFi connection (not the cafe's... it was a home connection), so I connected and was online within a few seconds.

What impressed me was this. This was just someone's home Internet, and although I was connected via WiFi, the connection was rock-stable... I couldn't believe it. Within seconds, I was logged into my home PC, and I downloaded all the photos I wanted to show my friend. I downloaded slowly, but it's because I was topping-out my upload speed at home.

I didn't think to test the download speed, but the fact that it was so reliable, and I managed to connect to my home PC and download images within seconds, from a PC half the earth away, was quite impressive.
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