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Saw this PSU and wanted to say that one of the good things about it is that it has a -5 rail. For people who still had old motherboards in 2006/2007, this was a good buy for them. Believe it or not, a few rare motherboards that're newer (2+ years ago) still used the -5 rail, but none of the motherboards that I know of in the past few years use it. They all generate it onboard using -12 i think.

I have an old motherboard that still uses the -5v rail and I wanted to use this old system several more months while I store enough money away to get a new system. (i'm wondernig whether my old system will last that long as I found 3 capacitors that are corroded slightly on top, but i have no idea how long it has been that way... this motherboard is 8 years old.. sadly, i've only ever used generic cheap psu's (<$20) and that probably hasn't helped) I was hoping that I could find a PSU that will work with an old motherboard AND a new motherboard. Well, atleast work with a new motherboard temporarily. It's a stopgap measure on my part. One of the best PSU's out there for a midrange build is the CORSAIR 450 CX. That thing sexy, but I don't want to blow the money i have on a new system yet.
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