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Well that's the issue at hand. The computer sits in a single office, which is air conditioned but the company creates power distrobution panels for large ships. So there's metal, dust, dirt and cigarette smoke going through the room almost constantly.

Here's the stats:
AMD 64 3500
1GB 2x512 Kingston
200Gb Sata
Asus A8V Deluxe
Ati 9600 xt

The computer does CAD drawings which get quite large so that's why I went with the faster processor and higher ram video card. Right now my dad is telling me that it'll start beeping then completely shut off. I told him to get a can of air duster and spray the heatsink out because it's getting too hot. Well he didn't believe me and bought a new power supply, and hard drive cooler... Now the hard drive isn't being recognized. If I wasn't 600 miles away I'd fix it but I am.. so I can't. The previous CAD pc was an ollllld gateway P1 233. They're wondering why the heat would be an issue and I told them it's because of the more powerful processor. So heat dissipation is a bigger factor.
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