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Originally Posted by Naish View Post

I'm still undecided on these, I was looking at both this and the Corsair H50 earlier tonight (I think I'd go with the ECO) but I still can't decide if it's worth jumping from the TRU120 to this. I think it'd be more of a "hurr hurr water cooling is nifty" thing than a noticeable difference for me at this point, but if I ever sell my system or make a new one I'll end up going with one of these all-on-one units.
If you are happy with your TRU120 then it is not going to be a major leap. One thing the ECO and H50 has over any air cooler is less noise.

Originally Posted by samuelson1 View Post

I just fit to my Phenom II x4 955 one Noctua NH-D14 because I was a little afraid about water cooling, but this CoolIT ECO look very simple, maybe Ive made a mistake with my Noctua?
Again, if you are happy then you probably made the right choice, noise is where these all-in-one water coolers shine.

Originally Posted by Optix View Post
Wah, wah, wah, waaaaaaaah....

No overclocked temperatures? I understand that not everybody overclocks but you show me an office user who wants water cooling and I'll show you an idiot.

"Woah! Excel is stressing my CPU!"

I'm really tempted to scale back on my case and cooling solutions in order to pick up one of these though. I image it would keep an i3 nice and cool, even with 1.3+ vcore.

The fit and finish on this looks great and I'm curious to see what a high CFM fan could do even though Coolit says the stock fan is the best solution.
1. We overclocked to 4.01Ghz and posted results, check it out again.
2. This is a great quiet solution and would have no problem whatsoever with a dual core even when you add teh GPU's heat.
3. I tested the H50 with 2 fans and different configurations and picked up minimal gains not making it worthwhile.

Originally Posted by x.clay View Post
it has overclocked results ??

It looks like a nice improvement over the Domino. I would have loved to see benchmarks with a dual fan setup.
Dual fans never seem to help these units and if I do add another fan it introduces an extra variable since not all fans are created equal. If anything, using this inside a case with side panel fans and better airflow would have better results. The chassis I use, the Zalman GS1000 has no side panel fans or front panel intake fans as well so it is not as efficient. I use this chassis as it keeps the playing field level and forces the cooler to cool the CPU and stops the chassis fans from adding extra cooling that others may be able to give.

Big improvement over the Domino in both noise and performance. This is a great little cooler I have seen for $69.99CAD on sale ( It is an excellent alternative to air cooling.
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