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Meaning anything really, tech, science, electrical, non electrical, mechanical, engineering, anything generally cool and interesting will suffice. Adventures of your garden lawnmower... probably not, however, if you throw the word Epic in, i'm sure it'll pass.

Quite often, people buy an item, like it, then end up spreading the word through forum posts etc, but they usually only spoon feed over several threads, so if they want, they can condense it down and write a more formal review. Doesn't have to be as in-depth as ours, just any important points you'd like to make, gotcha's and the like.

As with news, if there's something important and/or interesting you've found digging through the 'net, be it old or new, that you'd like to share, instead of making a thread tucked away in one of the subforums, put it in news. Doesn't have to be long, just a few lines to cover the basics of the news, just try and avoid "This is interesting [link]" type posts, as they help no one.
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