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Thumbs up Super Talent 16GB SuperCrypt USB3.0 Flash Drive

I learned alot from your review, best I have found on the internet. Still lots of questions: The fastest 2.0 would be this 3.0 flash drive?

I would think this would also apply to the 16 gb version?

My main intent is to use the super talent 16gb USB 3 to play movies on a Pioneer dv-220v dvd player with a usb input on the front panel. I currently am using a Scandisk Cruzier 4gb for that purpose and it works flawlessly.

That being said, on occasion I may want to view a 4gb movie, I now need a larger flash drive. So why buy a fast 2.0 when I can spend money on the future and buy a 3.0, which already is the fastest 2.0! Correct?

Does the super talent come pre-formatted as FAT32 ?

Will the security software/hardware present a problem? As of this date has super talent created the software to remove the security?

Now significant is the file transfer speed when using a flashdrive for this application?

Would another dvd player similiar to the pioneer be more user friendly for this use?

Thank you for your help!

I found the Super Talent 16GB SuperCrypt USB3.0 Flash Drive on EBAY for $109. Anybody know of a better price?
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