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Alright, it is all installed! Sorry, don't have pics for the front speakers, forgot to take them when I installed them and didn't feel like taking the door panels off again. lol. anyway, here's the rear speaker setup:

Stock Speakers
5.25" Speakers (ordered by mistake)
Rigged Stock 6x9" adapter to fit 5.25" (Added strips of wood to them)
New 6x9" Speakers
Took the lower back seat out. found LOTS of stuff under it, including about $2.50 in change
Rear Deck with the new speakers bolted in.

When I tested these, HOLY SNAP. THEY ARE AMAZING. I had my sound at 35 out of 60 and played "Monster" by Skillet and I could feel the bass in my back and the sound was crystal clear. I LOVE THESE!
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