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Originally Posted by Optix View Post
That's a pretty sweet setup. I've been toying with the idea of getting something like this to replace our DVD player. While I may not go for this exact model it does bring up some features that I'd like to see on whichever one we do decide on if we decide to go this route.
I do think it's a good BASE. AC Ryan is releasing a HUGE firmware and GUI redesign in December, so I'll probably even write up a bit of a 1-pager on the improvements. I'm looking forward to that, as this has a LOT of potential.

As it stands now, though, caveat emptor - I much prefer an authentic HTPC with the much nicer "ElementHTPC" linux distribution running it. It's easy, clean and works with just about everything you throw at it (including 1080p), on an NVidia ION board. If I'm gonna spend $150 for something that kinda sorta works, I'd rather spend $250 and make it work WELL.
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