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Awesome results Rob. All the voltages were above par and kept up with the loads. That's a true test of their performance and ability. It's good to see a company such as Ultra appealing to the mainstream buyers. Now almost anyone can get a good, reliable power supply. I've been very happy with my X2.

I was wondering though, could you possibly try to stress the power supplies more? I know there's limits at what they can take, but I read one review where every plug was used up on a 280w. Something like 2 disk drives 3 hds as well as the board and a couple fans. The power supply wasn't name brand, but the system ran. There were some stability issues with both disks reading info, and running some bench program.

I'm not asking you to try to break them but maybe add more stress to future reviews. Most people today have 2 disk drives,at least, and 2 or more case fans. If you've got 2 hard drives 2 disk drives 3 fans, there's more of a power draw. Great review either way!
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