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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

How do you think Unity compares to KDE's 'Search & Run' environment?

For the most part, both methods are the same. A menu pops up, you search for the application, wait a second for it to show up, and then hit enter to launch. I have found this feature to be more reliable on KDE, though, for one simple reason: keyboard shortcuts work only half of the time in Unity. This is one of the complaints I was going to talk about in next week's article.

The default association is Windows Key + Q and Windows Key + A to launch either the "dash" or the applications menu, and I only found that half of the time anything would launch when using those keyboard shortcuts. And sometimes, nothing would ever come up. In KDE, I've assigned my KMenu to launch with Windows Key + A, and to my knowledge, have never had it simply not launch.

Where searching for files is concerned, that I can't comment on too much. I don't even have an indexer active in my KDE install because I tend to know where everything is at and can get there in a few quick clicks. But where Unity is concerned, I do wish that I was able to launch up the finder (Windows Key + F) and search by file extension (eg: *.png), but I wasn't. I was a bit surprised that 'pictures' worked. For the most part, every other reasonable term I came up with worked as well though, assuming I had documents to match it.
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