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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have used Ubuntu since the 7.04 version. But I am not sure if Unity is a progress realy.Looks nice but I find some bugs and it just not feels ready yet.I guess it be better in the next version.But for now I would rather recommend Pardus 2011."works out the box" with all mediacodes pre-installed, It also got Firefox 4 and LibreOffice.And I think newcomers to the Linux would feel more comfortable with it to in general.
I will have to give Pardus a go soon :-)

Originally Posted by Kougar View Post
Rob will kill me for saying this, but sounds a little like another OS I know... 11.04 is the first Ubuntu (perhaps first Linux distro?) to ship with a hardware accelerated desktop. The last OS I know to do that was Vista... *ducks* And it always seems to come back to those GPU drivers doesn't it.
That's exactly why, and no, Ubuntu is not the first distro to have a 3D accelerated environment. KDE 4, which came out in January 2008, would have been the first "official" desktop to ship with built-in 3D features. However, prior to that, anyone could have installed the Compiz package in order to turn their desktop into a 3D environment. Yes, even before Vista hit the market.

If Linux had better GPU drivers, I don't think a lot of the issues that exist graphics-wise would. Windows Vista was able to be released with GPU support right out of the box because both AMD and NVIDIA pour most of their development time into that OS, as they should. On Linux, we're always waiting for better graphics support, although as far as I'm concerned, AMD has been the biggest hold-up. Until maybe a year ago, its Linux drivers were horrible, whereas NVIDIA's has been for the most part rock-stable for eons (there are still minor niggles, but there are for Windows as well).
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