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If it weren't for gaming, I'd ditch Microsoft entirely I think. I'm trying to get into game programming, and DirectX appears to be the superior choice. I wonder if I could still develop on Linux for Windows? It might be difficult. There's always SDL, but I'm not sure I want to go that route.

I just ordered a few books on game programming, and one on Linux kernel development. Check 'em out here: I love this kind of stuff.

I'm sort of hoping I can get into game development. Too bad there's none in New Brunswick. My dream scenario would be me and some of my cohorts doing our own. Failing that, I'd like to go to British Columbia or Quebec (there are booming game industries in both these provinces). This is an idea I have, at any rate.

I haven't tried Gnome 3.0 yet, either. I'm curious, though concerned that they may have sacrificed functionality for this.


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