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Default a few notes

The Shell problem you note on the last page is:

an update of gnome-shell included some bad rpath settings, which meant Shell couldn't find libgl if you were using the proprietary NVIDIA driver. It's fixed since.

Small one - you kinda conflate a few issues when talking about non-free drivers and codecs like MP3. Many media codecs *are* open source - there are numerous open source MP3 implementations, for instance. Fedora does not ship these because of patents, which is a different legal issue.

on abrt - it's been around for quite a while; what's new in F15 is the ability to use the retrace server to generate a full backtrace rather than doing it on the user's own system (which involves downloading a lot of debuginfo packages, usually). The problem at the moment is that the retrace server is badly under-resourced and so overloaded almost all the time. Better hardware is being provisioned for it and should be in place soonish.

"GNOME 3's design is not going to appeal to everyone, that's for certain. For those who enjoy tweaking their OS and don't mind loading up a command-line, there are a ton of tweaks out there that can 'restore' certain bits of functionality to the desktop that were lost with the transition from 2 to 3. I didn't test out any of these during my testing as nothing drove me so bonkers that I felt I had to, but from my understanding, many are very easy to pull off, and a simple Google search should help you fix what you need."

You could also note that there's 'gnome-tweak-tool', which allows some of the more popular tweaks to be done from a GUI.

nouveau should support your graphics card quite soon - technically it already does, but necessary microcode isn't appropriately licensed. see for some more details.

Thanks for the review!
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