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Originally Posted by AdamW
an update of gnome-shell included some bad rpath settings, which meant Shell couldn't find libgl if you were using the proprietary NVIDIA driver. It's fixed since.
It seems the NVIDIA driver causes a lot of issues with GNOME 3, then. I ran the Fedora updater prior to publishing this review, as I hoped a fix would be pushed through to remedy the problem, but that update ended up killing my GNOME install, resulting in me having to downgrade it. Thus, I didn't get to see the fix. I'm glad it's one that's been tackled, though.

Originally Posted by AdamW
you kinda conflate a few issues when talking about non-free drivers and codecs like MP3.
I didn't mean to state that open-source is the only factor that Fedora developers look at, so I apologize for the poor explanation. Nonetheless, most of the popular codecs that I and most people I know use are not supported right out of the box with Fedora, whether for patent or non-free reasons (perhaps non-free always = patent-related).

Originally Posted by AdamW
on abrt - it's been around for quite a while
Again, I didn't mean to make it sound like ABRT is a brand-new tool, rather one that's simply been updated to add the server-based backtrace. I'm glad to hear that some new hardware is en route to help remedy the load (I guess the high load is a good thing?)

Originally Posted by AdamW
You could also note that there's 'gnome-tweak-tool', which allows some of the more popular tweaks to be done from a GUI.
Fair enough; I didn't realize there was an official tweak tool out there. It's rather limited in what it can do though, compared to what most of the command-line tweaks can pull off. I'd at least expect such a tool to add the ability to restore the minimize / maximize buttons and also the 'Shutdown' option, but it doesn't.

Originally Posted by AdamW
nouveau should support your graphics card quite soon
As mentioned before, I don't have a beef with my GPU not being supported, but rather the fact that it took me a full 45 minutes to get the NVIDIA driver installed. I've installed that driver in many distros but Fedora was the first one where I truly felt frustrated. Once you know where to go and what to do, it's a lot easier, but I'd still rather have the option to install my own driver and not use a repository.

Thanks for your insight and your work with the project!
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