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I don't think NVidia is all that bad. I also don't think ATI is all that...

What I don't get is that even after fixing the power problem temporarily with an external supply, the ATI card still kept up the NVidia card very nicely... even on a couple of games I had my friend play while I checked voltages and stuff... He saw no different in game play between the two cards... and as already discussed the other "high end" stuff worked just as well, too...

I suppose to rephrase my question...
How much of this GPU hype is flat out BS?

I've been around electronics a long time, more than 30 years, and I've seen some pretty scarey stuff going on... So called "audiophiles" agonizing for hours over the $9.00 USB cord and $149.00 one to run their $800.00 external DAC that's really just a usb sound chip in a big box... I've seen otherwise sensible people taken right to the cleaners time and time again this way and at one point I began objecting to it. I would tell the customer flat out... This $49.00 "external sound card" uses the same decoder chip as this $600.00 DAC unit does... save your money. This $9.00 usb cord is made of the same copper wire as this $139.00 one is... save your money.

Really... how much of this "super video card" stuff is real and how much of it is crap?
How much of it only shows up during benchmarking but doesn't make a single difference you can see?

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