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Default Forum user purging

As our user count on the forums inched closer to 10,000, I had to do something to bring the number back down. No, it's not that I don't want lots of users on our forums; it's just that I wish more than 20% of them were legit users. To help clean things up, I removed all users who signed up but never activated their accounts, and also those who have never posted (or are spammers). Some stats:

Before Purge

Total Members: 9,971
Database Size: 390.6MB
SQL Records: 206,382

After Purge

Total Members: 2,651
Database Size: 375.8MB
SQL Records: 178,833

The users that were deleted consisted of:

Users with 0 Post Count: 5,297
Users Awaiting Confirmation: 2,024

No regular user should have been affected by this, but if you are in some way, let me know.
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