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Post My Backup Story

My Backup is now Acronis True Image 2011 and I would love to upgrade to 2012 version.

My True story when I wasn't familiar with Backups and Restores,

Few years ago when I was more into security rather than focusing my attention on layered based security approach, I suffered an OS corruption when a security app. which was new and I was toying around, erroneously detected a crucial Windows file as Rootkit when I gave a scan with it but unfortunately since at that time I wasn't that mature and had knowledge about False Positives, I gave the app to remove the file immediately without any initial thought after that my OS started acting weirdly by restarting every 5-7 minutes in a continuous loop which became very annoying and intolerable and since I didn't had any latest system restore snapshot at that time there was no choice but to format and re-install the whole OS, that day I lost plenty of my files and preferred apps.This incident finally dawned upon and made me realize how important backups especially Full Disk Image of entire OS can be real life saver in case of all kinds of inevitable disaster and also thanks to various options available for storing our data on different medias as well on cloud.Since Acronis True Image provides all these features and many other important options like encryptions, different kinds of backups, Non-stop backup, Try & decide for testing every doubtful apps or files,etc. I choose to get it on my systems right away.


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