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I figured this way anyone will have a better idea what CPU2006 is and does and can better judge the results that will soon start to appear. On the other hand Rob get a time saving link he can use on the CPU2006 section of the reviews if he so wishes.

There's a whole lot more that can be said about CPU2006, of course. The documentation of this suite is a sure indicator of that.

For instance, the usage or not of processor instruction extensions on the tests (SSE4.2, the newly introduced AVX, etc). We ended up deciding not to use optimization flags, because we figured the inclusion of those would not reflect the type of real-world coverage that is demanded of a benchmark suite for systems review, as is the case with Techgage cpu and computer reviews. So, the configuration files we ended up producing reflect the typical compilation flags of any mainstream application.

Commercial software of the type we tend to use everyday, does not usually ship compiled with processor extension flags. An application optimized for AVX, for instance, will crash on any processor which doesn't have this extension (that's anything that has come before Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Bulldozer). So, only very specialized software, developed in-house, and for systems known to the developer, usually carries these optimizations.

Still, we have prepared an AVX configuration file (and Rob's still waiting for me to give him a SSE4.2 one). It's likely there is a need to occasionally discuss processors in this context -- either on review articles or, more likely, on separate articles. Processor extensions can be big contributors to CPU performance on certain specialized processing areas. I'm particularly excited(!) about AVX, for instance. So in case there is a need to enter into that type of article, Techgage has it covered too.
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