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I'd too question any voice recognition technology. Especially on a cellphone, when not even a supercomputer can produce good results, considering all the nuances of the human voice and speech.

"Do you know the home address of my friend Miguel?" --- failed consistently on my friend's iPhone if I:

- Asked too quickly
- Spoke with an accent
- Imitated a cold
- Asked "What is Miguel's Home address?"

The lack of any support whatsoever for any other language than English also seriously limits the usability of this technology even for native speakers. Not to mention making it absolutely useless to anyone else.

That said Siri, like many other similar technologies is a technological showcase of how much we progressed in terms of voice recognition. A few years back the sentence above would just fail if you had the wrong tone of voice. So quite frankly, I'm happily amazed at how far we went on such a low spec device.

But the voice recognition is still an unsolved technological problem. And there's been too much ado for nothing. Siri is not better than many other similar products out there. Certainly not anywhere close to professional grade voice recognition software like Dragon, Tazti or the Proteus Conversational Interface. Just like with many things Apple, A subpar product is introduced (that isn't even a novelty, if we consider voice activated devices have existed for more than 20 years), and immediately hailed as the best thing since John Smith from Massachusetts accidentally dropped peanut butter on a slice of bread.

... and it's this level of blind and ignorant faith that irritates me. Not the product.
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