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Originally Posted by MacMan View Post
That's exactly my point, but I just don't care to waste my time Googling a zillion sites to make my point, just the one is enough!
So this "one is enough" rule applies to random blogs that get updated twice per month, huh? Surely you could have found a better source than that, given you only wanted to post one? I don't mean to discredit this blog, but that's as good as going up to some random person on the street and asking them their opinion - or linking to an Apple-biased website.

Was that quite literally the only site you found that backed up your opinions?

Either way, the fact is that Siri started out on a high, but things declined fast. People liked it at first, claiming it could be the future of computing, but after it was actually put to use for a few weeks by those who have a 4S, the realities of it all has become clear. Apple might well perfect this in time, but I don't see that happening for a good while (Nuance has been on this for ages, after all, and its Dragon suite is still far from perfect).

Speaking of, I wonder if Nuance get more in royalties from Apple's use of Siri than what it makes on its own software? I don't know a single person who uses Dragon except for a temporary trial.

Originally Posted by OriginalJoeCool View Post
One of those articles Rob linked to mentioned Siri being a "Google-killer". How exactly? Incidentally, I noticed Google now has voice recognition as part of its search!
That feature has been around for a while I believe. I still don't know who'd rather talk into a mic than just type out the query. Small query or not, talking out a search isn't exactly going to give you many advantages (unless you have no use of your hands, at which point it's brilliant).
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