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Originally Posted by MacMan View Post
In that case you like NOBODY! Every one is a fan of someone or something, right? Maybe you like Lady Gaga, but if you do, I guess you can't speak of her. How childish! Rob likes Linux, as do I, therefore we shouldn't speak of them I guess, again, how childish! You simply assume too much, again, how childish!
I don't know you and have only read a few of your posts so forgive me for not knowing you well enough to put you into this but.

A fan of a brand is one thing. A fanboy is a whole different story. Fanboy's often reject any truth that harm's anything they like. They force their opinion on people because they know they're right. They wouldn't be caught dead with the competitors product. They go looking and use the most insignificant thing they can find to say why they don't like a company's product. I mean geeze it must destroy me that my nvidia card uses 10 more watts than this guys amd card that doesnt even perform as well in the game im playing. He should totally use that in his argument right?

It's things like Intel vs AMD. If i say a damned thing about bulldozer I will get called an Intel fanboy when the truth is id still take a Phenom X6 over nothing any day. No one company can deliver a product to meet every need. Never stop considering the alternative.

A fan boy reviews a product looking for everything he doesn't like about it. Possibly even avoiding speaking of everything that works fine despite their preference.

"You" may like lady gaga, i think shes retarded and i still listen to a couple of her songs. I listen to country, rock, alternative, hip hop, rap. Not a single genre is limited to have a good track. But I as any human might bias against say classical, bluegrass, jazz, etc. There is a track here and there that makes it into my library. I'm 26 and have freaking Albert Ammons in my library. That's you this is me and unfortunately music barely relates to tech in this regard though.

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