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Default Capacitors? Solid caps?

I just did a google search for the Lamptron FC8 Fan Controller and came across your review.

I admit I read about half of it.

Those "capacitors" on the back of the board? The black ones? They're freaking COILS guys. Who's the pro who decided they were capacitors? Even the location label on the board says "L" not "C".

Man, if people want to review electronic products, perhaps they should learn the difference between a coil and a capacitor (that's grade 10 high school electronics, and I bet it's first week too).

I couldn't get a good close up look at the aluminum capacitors (even though I looked around the web trying to get a good look at them).

I did notice in one picture on another site that they seem to have a black bottom. They also have a polarity stripe down one side. I can't call anyone an idiot over this because I haven't seen them with my own eyes, but they sure look like regular electrolytic capacitors in an aluminum case.

I have been working in electronics for over 20 years and I have seen tons of capacitors. Those cap packages look just like surface-mount electrolytic caps except they are not surface mount.

In order to be 100% sure I would have to cut or crush one to see what's inside.

I have seen caps just like those blow and when I took them apart there was electrolyte inside on both smt and radial capacitors. However, the packaging for "Japanese Solid" capacitors looks almost identical, so there's really no way to tell what type they are without taking them apart.

If the documentation does not say "solid capacitors" don't just assume that because you see a package like this they must be solid. Especially if you cannot tell a capacitor from a coil.

If you want to call me an idiot, feel free. You can find me on ocn. Same name. (that's
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