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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
He was max level two weeks after launch. That's just how hardcore he is
Originally Posted by Tharic-Nar View Post
For shame...

Level 50 Trooper Commando, Gunnery DPS
Level 44 Imperial Sniper, Marksman DPS
Level 1-20 Miscilaneous characters of various factions and classes.

Started doing Operations with my Trooper, as well as the odd Hard mode flashpoint. Maxed Cybertech, Scavenging and Underworld. Have all the Artifact grade ship parts craftable, as well as a bunch of the 49+ artifact grade earpiece and Mod recipes. I have some Op gear. Finished the main story and grinding away the Daily Commendations on Ilum and Belsavis.

My name's Jamie, and i'm a MMORPGholic....
WHOOAA! That is sooo AWESOME!!

Seems u enjoyed the non Force based characters more?!?
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