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Default Ten Keyless is just what I've been waiting for

The next closest Ten Keyless was $110, but i could have gotten the brown switches I had my eye on, however, I have never had a mechanical keyboard before, so I think I will love blue. I just ordered it today, will be here tuesday.

My real question is on the mouse. I have only used a DeathAdder since switching from my original Dell Laser mouse 5 years ago. they tend to wear out quickly. but they are incredibly comfortable and accurate. I play mostly COD games, and can go 50-0 or better, and is rare I am not called a hacker in game (I dont hack).

But I am considering either the Corsair M60, the new Storm Spawn mouse ($20 right now is a good deal), or maybe the other CM mouse you mentioned you had in the review. I am a very weird grip, I rest my palm on the corner of my desk, and use kind of a long finger/palm grip. I do have somehwat long fingers so this has been very comfortable on the deathadder.

I also have the Sirus Headset, my first Headset costing more than $20, and man did it make a HUGE difference in what I could hear, and how good things sounded.

This is my rig:
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