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Originally Posted by Tharic-Nar View Post
With regard to mechanical differences, I'm no expert, but I can give you a rundown of what the basic differences are. There are 4 in total in the Cherry range, going from Blue, Brown, Black and Red. Blue and Brown are the traditional non-linear 'typist' switches which have the mid-way 'bump' for feedback. Brown is the lighter switch of the two, requiring less pressure to activate. Blue also has the very audible 'click'. Black and Red are the linear switches with no 'Bump'. Red has the lightest activation pressure with reduced noise (and most expensive), Black is a stiffer key type with reduced noise. So for gaming, the 'best' switch is Red, due to low noise, no feedback, linear and minimal activation, it's just very hard to get a full keyset with them.
As if worrying about the features on CPUs and GPUs wasn't enough, now we're paying attention to colored switches in keyboards *smacks head*.

That said, based on what you said there, it sounds like brown is right up my alley.
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