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Default Our Tech Roundup posts have become weekly

Hi all:

Beginning with the Tech Roundup posted this past Monday, we've moved to a weekly format, replacing the weekday publishing schedule we adhered to for the past six years. There are a couple of different reasons we settled on this new schedule, though two major factors ruled them all:

1) Producing tech roundups each weekday was tedious; not only with the actual work of producing them, but making sure that one gets up each morning. It was never fun having to take a break from actual writing or testing just to jot up a Tech Roundup, believe me ;-)

2) There's more bang for your buck with a weekly publishing. Most often, each of our weekday roundups had 20 items listed, so overall there wasn't ever a great chance that something would grab you. But with a weekly schedule, our roundups could have 100 links or more, making the chances of you finding something intriguing much better.

In time, I'm hoping to move to another format that would rid the roundups entirely, and instead move to a live-update page with news that comes in. But for now, this shall suffice!

Thanks guys!
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