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Smile works like charm

does as it says works like charm, moved facebook, twitter, freesms, what's app, fring, pda net, gemini app manager, etc.which i was unable to move by move to sd program which was useful initially but the importance got lower with time. freed a lot of space.
could not move gmail ymail ymessenger touchpal keyboard, flashlight, 3g watchdog, n ofcourse maps..may be some of these apps are important & need to be in primary memory for start up, to work even when sd card is mounted & faster n better performance. but i think some of these are not compulsory and should have the option to move to sd card. sometime we can compromise with the speed/ performance rather than mis out of all cool apps.
i m using micromax ninja a50 which has just 180 mb of internal memory. now i have 45 mb free. earlier i had 20 mb free. and suprisingly my phone has speed up a lot and the difference can be felt after moving these apps to sd card. so the developers of the apps should know that they should suggest location but leave the decision to the users where they want to install/ move rather than forcing them.
hope this concept will work for me for a good time, installed all major apps and think the new apps i will install can be moved directly to sd, if not won't mind using this method to move them.
can i know which more apps i cannot move even with this method like gmail ymail ymessenger touchpal keyboard, flashlight, 3g watchdog, google maps, only
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