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Originally Posted by eunoia View Post
I trust you to leave out the ones that aren't actual press releases. A lot of time hardware press releases aren't anything more than jockeying for the public consciousness. As soon as you see hedge words like "hopes", "considering", "speculating" they're just grist for the rumour mill and take deserved attention away from actual hardware companies doing actual things.

Outside of that, I dig almost all hardware news.
Yeah of course, and those "releases" bug the hell out of me. An example would be new PSUs that Cooler Master just released. We don't review PSUs, because we can't. But that doesn't mean we can't talk about them. And for that matter, the company also just released a chassis that we may or may not review, but you guys might still be interested in learning about them.

I am behind here but will get to this soon. Could be a fun way to drum up some conversation.
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