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If you like my general area i'm willing to study further into making it better. Also, if you do enjoy my listings please allow me to attempt to adding more then just one.

25 Posts: Computer-Aided Learning
50 Posts: Computer-Aided Testing
75 Posts: Information Retrieval
100 Posts: Simulation
150 Posts: Robotics
225 Posts: Artificial Intelligence
350 Posts: Cybernetics
500 Posts: Abstruse
750 Posts: Perplexing
1000 Posts: Recondite
1500 Posts: Sophisticated
2000 Posts: Ramified

[Other fine words that can be placed in at random/order or in the higher levels: methodological,professional,restricted,scholarly,s cientific,specialized.]

The reason for the slow lift off on the number of posts to increase level would be... When Your just starting out you want it quick/fast, interactive. Gives the user wow i'm getting somewhere already at a quick pace. Once your there you'll be ready to go out and continue to conquer for the higher levels.

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