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Originally Posted by xstatic
How much is too much depends a lot on how long you can get out of the video card before needing to upgrade. If I only can get 2 years out of the card before needing to upgrade again in order to play the latest games, then I would not want to spend more then $300. If I could get 4 years out of a video card, then I would easily spend $500.

It all depends on how long you can get out of the card for playing the latest games.
I totally agree. Would be worth spending $500 for a graphics card that would last 4 years and STILL be able to play all the newest games at the highest frame rates after 4 years. However, what are the odds of that happening? With the rapid development of new graphic cards, the current generation cards will always become obsolete within a couple years. Thats why I like to spend under two hundred bucks when I buy a card because I know I will have to do it again within a couple years.
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