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Originally Posted by Orbit
Because the video card Gods have stated in Commandment 1 - "Thou shall not charge less than $500 for a top of the line card." And Commandment 2 - "Thou shall not charge less than $200 for a video card."
Where is the commandment that says you need to buy the card as soon as it gets released? Or who says you can't buy a lower price model and overclock it to the exact same speed and specs as the higher price model?

When the Geforce 4 came out you could overclock a Ti-4200 to a Ti-4600, saving you a couple hundred bucks in price. When the Geforce 6800 came out, you could buy a Geforce 6800 GT and overclock it to the same speed as a Geforce Ultra.

I think $300 is all you need to spend for the best graphics card for each generation. Rely on overclocking to get that card up to the performance of the best cards.
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