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Ya modguy read the thread it's all there. No temp sensor. Go fish.

Personally I think it doesn't matter though; once you put a waterblock on there all you need is a water temp sensor. I am going to either get one and screw it into a free port, then use that to power the fan, or use the PWM jack on the temp control and control both the fans and the pump speed from a single water temp thermocouple. I might also just tape the thermocouple to one of the block fittings and call it good; I didn't put any drain fittings into the system so I don't plan to take it apart any time soon!

I could use a fan controller to take the fans down a notch; so far the hottest I have seen on the gpu block is about 45 degrees in double precision fullscreen nbody simulation with the fans full tilt and the pump doing whatever the ASUS board tells it to from a PWM jack. Right now I have the CPU fully loaded on eight threads of BOINC and another BOINC thread running on the Tesla and I can't get it over 35C.

So I might just put a resistor in there and give the fans 7 volts instead of 12; the kit I bought has the resistors prewired for 7 and 5 volts on separate harnesses to plug and play. Pretty nice.

Thanks again everybody. Sorry I don't have a pic of the block on the card before it went in, but that part is really easy.

PS up is to the left on the photo
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Originally Posted by Tharic-Nar View Post
This is part of the problem atypicalguy had. Although he was in Linux, he couldn't get any sensor information that correlated with the Tesla. This may be either a driver problem or it just doesn't have a sensor. Only thing that could be done was to attach a sensor to a fan controller or something, that's stuck to the underside of heatsink/block.
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